There is more to Agriculture than just the Farm!

What Would You Rather Do?

Would you rather...

develop a soybean seed that can grow in the desert, or write the news story about that bean?

Would you rather...

harvest a crop of soybeans using a modern combine or repair its engine if it breaks down?

Would you rather...

develop a new type of fertilizer to increase the production per acre in a soybean field, or develop the technology to show a farmer the best place to apply fertilizer in that field?

You might be interested in one, or maybe several, of the hundreds of exciting occupations and professions that make up modern agriculture.

Your interests may change over time. Your results are intended to help you with informal career exploration. This activity does not make any claims of statistical reliability.

Hi. My name is Glycine Max but you can call me Max for short. If you've seen my booklet "Just the Beginning – The Life of a Young Sprout," you know that Glycine Max is the scientific name for a soybean.

In "Just the Beginning…" I share information about many uses of soybeans as nutritious food for people and animals, as an ingredient in various non-food products from candy to cosmetics, and even the wheels on your skateboard.

There is also information in my book about how soybeans are grown, how they restore nitrogen to the soil as they grow and the importance of agriculture and modern farms to our environment and our economy.

The farmer is just one of hundreds of different occupations and professions that make up the science, and art, of cultivating land, growing crops and raising livestock to provide food, fuel and other products. That’s the definition of agriculture.

Let’s explore some Ag careers!