Pick One Answer in Each Group

Based on your answers, Max the Sprout will share some careers that you could explore. Some will surprise you

You have a substitute teacher for Math and you must choose a project for the day. Would you rather...

list all the prime numbers from 1 to 250?
write a short story about a detective who uses math to solve a mystery?
draw a robot using two squares, one rectangle, five circles and three ovals?
tutor a friend who is struggling with their homework?
solve a complex logic puzzle?
make a chart evaluating your classmates' project choices?

It's not always about video or animation. When it comes to the written word, would you rather...

start a book club?
write a story using your friends as characters?
grab the user manual to set up your newest gadget?
read the latest issue of "People" Magazine?
find a quiet corner to read a book written by your favorite author?
write out the next steps needed to complete your latest project?

Your group was assigned the task of coming up with a new board game. Would you rather...

teach your friends to play your new game?
develop and write rules for your new game?
convince friends from other classes to play your board game?
draw the artwork and design the characters for your new board game?
construct and assemble four sets of game boards complete with game pieces?
test the game and the rules to make it the best game ever?

Your school is putting on a Musical and everyone will need to help. Would you rather...

be part of the stage crew?
be the lead actor?
make and distribute the practice and final rehearsal schedules?
read the script to determine what sound effects and props are needed?
make the costumes and backgrounds for the stage?
learn to play a musical instrument?

It's time for a little recreation. Would you rather...

keep score?
prepare the playing fields?
be on the cheerleading squad?
manage the team?
referee the game?
take photos/videos of the game?

You've just gotten your hands on the newest tablet or smartphone. Would you rather...

learn how it works and show your friends how to use it?
play with photographs and graphics?
write code to make a new website?
gather the power cord, charger and accessories for when you need them later?
figure out how to sync all your stuff to the cloud?
play games online with other gamers?

Family Vacation! You are going on a fishing trip. Would you rather...

pack your sketchbook and drawing pencils?
plan the meals?
make a chart of pros and cons for three destinations to choose from?
gather the fishing poles and camping gear?
research the fish and other wildlife you will find?
decide what things your family will need to pack?